Current CCL Licensed Practitioners and Ministers

CCL's Practitioners and Ministers are credentialed through the Emerson Theological Institute. They can be contacted through the CCL office or as indicated below. Practitioners are available for spiritual counseling on a fee basis.

Rev. Albert Bennett
Rev. Carrie Christiansen - 609-992-3889 or [email protected]
Regina DeBarberie(Animal Chaplain) - [email protected]
Rev. Julie Fisher
Rev. Paul Hoyt - [email protected]
Joann Jalkiewicz - 610- 235 -1179
Chuck Karstens - [email protected]
Felicia Karstens - [email protected]

Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson
Rev. Christina M. Layer
Kathy Miller 856-429-1849, [email protected]
Ahaji Schreffler - [email protected]
Rev. Gerry Scott - [email protected]
Rev. Dr. Marlene Volper
Reverend Katherine McClelland

Out of Area Practitioners

Misha & Lisa Meinert (North Carolina) - call or email CCL office
Dr. Cassandra Butler (South Carolina) - [email protected]

Practitioner Mission Statement

As the Practitioners of the Center for Conscious Living, we offer ourselves in loving service to the realization of the Presence of God in each member of this spiritual community and in everyone, everywhere.  Daily we practice the Presence of God, through meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment (prayer), in order to maintain this awareness of Truth and Wholeness.  We recognize the Oneness of all Life and open our hearts and minds to Its fullest expression.  we anchor ourselves in God's love.

CCL Licensed Staff Ministers & Practitioners

Practitioners are trained and licensed professionals aware of the Presence of One Spirit in and through all things. Practitioners may be contacted for individual Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Mind Treatment on a fee basis. You may contact our Practitioners through the Center for Conscious Living office.

Three-Minute Miracles sessions (short affirmative prayer experiences) are conducted by our core of licensed Practitioners after church services each Sunday. CCL Practitioners graciously donate their time for these sessions in service to the congregation and the transformation of the planet.

Our Prayer Ministry also provides a Prayer Request Box for those wishing affirmative prayer from our church through written requests. Each written prayer request is received in confidence and love and assigned to a Professional Religious Science Practitioner for affirmative prayer treatment. The Prayer Request Box may be found Sundays at the Community House.