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Please watch this video and join us in our 21 days of Kindness and see how many acts of Kindness we can create in CCL!

Reverend Katherine met Nimo Patel at the recent ANTN Conference and was inspired to bring his 21 Days of Kindness Challenge to CCL

Join Nimo Patel and your friends at CCL

We are so excited to have Nimo Patel joining us on Sunday October 22nd for our service. He is a global citizen, a rapper and a humanitarian. He is Kind. He is Loving and he is changing our world. Let’s join him and show him what we got CCL!

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Watch Nimo's TED Talk here > 

About Nimo Patel

Nimo Patel, is a world-renowned hip hop musician, humanitarian and ambassador of love and peace. His music and music videos have traversed the world to over 100 million viewers through MTV, Youtube, Tony Robbins Events, the BBC Channel and more. Nimo has shared his heart-felt message in over 20 countries from schools, refugee camps, prisons and beyond. Through his Non-Profit, Empty Hands Music, he continues to use music and art as an inspiring agent of change. Most recently Nimo took a group of 17 underprivileged children from India on a world tour of a dance drama musical show he directed called “Jai Jagat” (Victory to Planet Earth).

The Transformation: Nimo is many times recognized for his degree from Wharton Business School, or for his high-flying wall-street job, or as the rebel who left wall street to pursue his passion in music and rose to fame in early 20s as an MTV rap star. But the story wouldn’t be complete if it ended there. Over the last 14 years Nimo has been serving the poorest of poor in the slums of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Using the arts as a tool of human transformation.

In spite of having the dream life, Nimo felt "I was not at peace, not content and not in a daily space of joy and gratitude. I began wondering, where does this all go, when does it stop, where does this end?”

To find the answers, he did some courageous experiments with his life. He let go the money. The fame. He even stopped singing altogether. To “come alive” in a new way, he meditated in the Himalayas, drastically simplified his lifestyle, started volunteering with slum children in Ahmedabad, where he has been deeply impacting the lives of thousands of children over the last 14 years. After some time, he embraced his gifts in music again. The work was the same, but he was no longer the same. He calls it Empty Hands Music – “We arrive on this planet empty-handed and we will all soon leave empty-handed. So then, how and in what spirit do we want to spend the time in between?”

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." _ Aesop Small,

Humble acts of kindness are a powerful way to deepen our self-awareness, expand our circle of caring, and strengthen our sense of interconnection. By making a daily practice of expressing kindness in thought, in word, in action, we start to rewire our habits of thinking in wholesome ways. Take a few moments each day, for the next 21 days, to tune into - - and act on - - a simple opportunity for kindness.

In the emails to come over the next 21 days, reflect on your experience, and be a witness to the shining moments of grace and generosity within yourself and others as the journey unfolds.