Revised CCL Bylaws 2023

The Stewardship Council recently approved and signed-off on revised CCL bylaws. These revised bylaws are the culmination of 2 plus years of work by our Bylaws Committee and the Stewardship Council. These new bylaws will be sent to State of New Jersey as support for our non-profit designation.

After review by members of CCL and some minor modifications, the final approved Bylaws are now available via the link below. 

(A New Jersey Nonprofit Religious Corporation)


The Center for Conscious Living is a spiritual community committed to contribute to the transformation of the planet through the transformation of individuals. We are committed to empower people to live loving, successful, and rewarding lives through the teaching and practicing of universal principles as embodied in the teachings of Religious Science. 

All CCL members are invited to view the complete final bylaws document linked below.

View Revised Final CCL Bylaws 2023